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Data Management and Visualization (DATA)


The GridLab Data Management and Visualization Workpackage provides the services that are needed by the GridLab Grid to manage public and user-private files and creates a framework that enables applications to stream data for visualization purposes.


30.03.05 Released 0.3.0-pre3 of zibdms.
17.03.05 Released 0.3.0-pre2 of zibdms.
16.3.05 GridLab File Service 2.0 released
1.3.05 Metadata Catalog 0.7.1 released
8.2.05 Metadata Catalog 0.7 released
Jan. 05 Released 0.3.0-pre1 of zibdms.
Sep. 04 Services are gradually moving from litchi to cluster3. Also check out our brochure.
20.8.04 GridLab File Service 1.9 released
May 04 Released remote HDF5
Feb. 04 A new version of the Metadata Service is online
26.11.03 Graph showing the performance of the optimized file movement service Adaptive movement
8.10.03 Second version of replica catalog added


We currently run a Replica Location Catalogue, a File Service, a Attribute Naming Service and a Visualization Service. Details on interfaces and on how to contact these services within the Gridlab testbed are available on our internal page.

Software Contact
File service A. Hutanu on its page
Replica Location Catalogue T. Schütt zibdms-0.3.0-pre3.tar.bz2
Mobile Visualisation Service A. Hutanu mobile_viz-0.9.tar.gz
Metadata Service F. Hupfeld on
Remote HDF5 A. Hutanu via Remote HDF5


Service Web Service Interface Available documentation
Replica Catalogue
WSDL Replica Location Catalogue
Replica Catalogue 0.3.0-pre3
WSDL Please see D8.10
File Service
WSDL Documentation
Metadata Catalogue WSDL Developer documentation is here.
Mobile Visualisation Service WSDL Documentation

Services and Access Points

Service Description Service Access Point Status
Replica Location Catalogue
Knows the physical locations of files in GridLab, moves them around and keeps track of their location (based on Globus 3.2)
httpg:// Running *
File Service
Data Movement/Browsing based on GASS copy
httpg:// Running *
Metadata Service
Stores public and user-private metadata of all user-accessible objects like files and messages.


Running *
Mobile Visualisation Service Converts http accessible images in a format suitable for mobile devices and acts as a store for them. / Running *

* Current status information is available at the Testbed's service monitoring page.


Please refer to the deliverable webpage.


Member Responsibilities
Email Personal Homepage
Felix Hupfeld Metadata, Webmaster
hupfeld at
Andrei Hutanu Data, Visualization
hutanu at
André Merzky Visualization
merzky at
Thorsten Schütt WorkPackage 8 Manager, RLS
schuett at
Brygg Ullmer Visualization ullmer at

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