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Grid Security

Latest GAS releases

6th April 2005
  GAS Server version 1.5 (download tar.gz)
  This is the latest release of the GAS server. This version provides the following functionalty:
  • management of the GAS server,
  • authorization module,
  • generation of the logical part of the security policy,
  • allowing the use of the RAD (Resource Access Decision) security model (GAS server use internal implementaion of RAD model).
What's new (since version 1.1):
  • internal administration of GAS server objects added,
  • support for owner of GAS objects added,
  • managment of the hierarchical structure of groups added,
  • new command line parameters in administartion interface added,
  • array of groups in relation feature added,
  • minor bugs corrected.
Download installation instructions.

GAS Administration Portlet (download tar.gz)
  GAS Administration Portlet screenshot GAS Gridsphere Portlet allows users to manage Grid Administration Server (GAS) from the GridSphere portal. This client provides a nice graphic interface allowing administrator to change user access right, add and delete users in the GAS database. Furhtermore a portlet user can edit resources list and change services access rights. Resurces can be grouped so that assignment of user rights to them make more flexible.
In order to make the user interface as simple as possible, it was divided into three main tabs: Account Management, Services Management and Resources Management.

  Globus GAS Plug-ins version 2.13 released (download tar.gz)
GAS Administration Portlet screenshot Technically speaking, GAS plugins are internal Globus callout mechanisms so services such as GRAM or gridFTP are able to get account information and obtain authorization decisions from outside authorization entity, in our case from GAS, instead of checking local gridmap-files. This is the latest release of the GAS plugins for Globus GT3.2 which contains both Gridmap and GRAM callout implementations allowing for a better integration of the GridLab components.
More information on setup and configuration of plugins you can find in the README file contained in the installation file (tar.gz).

Old Releases

26th October 2004
A new GAS plug-in for Globus GT3.2 is accessible now for testing purposes to all people from the GridLab project.

What is a GAS plug-in?
A GAS plug-in is a Globus plug-in, so called callout, which when enabled, it uses security information gathered by the GAS service to get account information and obtain authorization decision. When such services as Globus gatekeeper or gridFtp need to perform mapping user to an account and get authorization decition, it looks first to the gsi-authz.conf file located in /etc/grid-security directory to check whether there is not specified some external callouts that should be called in order to perform these tasks.
Currently GAS service contains all rules equivalent to those specified in the grid-mapfile.

What are the advantages of using GAS authorization plug-in over the standard grid-mapfile?
It is easy to manage via GAS Administration portlet. Adding or removing a user to a group of users that can use testbed machines is easy as performing one change to the GAS service. There will be no more necessity to edit grid-mapfiles on all machines belonging to Testbed. The same applies to editing particular user rights. As mentioned above the GAS plugin uses standard authorization routines when GAS service is turned off or if specified user is not in the database. Therefore, it should be transparent when no data is in the GAS service database. Therefore GAS plug-in should not be treated as a replacement of a standard grid-mapfile but as an useful extension. The last version of GAS authorization plug-in can be found here. The tar file contains all necessary documentation and installation script.
  First public release of the GAS plug-in can be downloaded here.

GAS second public release 1.1 (beta)
  Second public release of the GAS server can be downloaded here.
  The GAS server WSDL file with interface functions - (download)
  The GAS server header file with interface functions - (download)

GAS Administration Client v1.1 (beta)
  The GAS server administration client can be downloaded here.

GAS Client application sampple
  GAS Client application sampple is available here.

If you would like to send any comments on any releases available on this page please jump to the Contact section.

All versions of GAS releases

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