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Grid Security


Latest releases documentation
  GAS Server Installation Guide (download [TXT])
  GAS Administration and User Guides (download [PDF])
  This documents contains information for both administrators of the GAS server as well as for users of this service. In the section devoted for administration you can find instructions on how to setup own GAS server as well how to administrate GAS server. Users of the GAS server will find information on how to use the GAS via command line clients. The information on administrating the GAS server using administration portlet is covered in separate documents.
Here you find also the information on instaling the GAS plug-ins for Globus GT 3.2.

  GAS Portlet Administratorís Guide (download [PDF])
  This documents covers mainly information that may be needed by GAS Portlet administration, that is, information on how to install and configure the GAS Portlet.

  GAS Portlet Userís Guide (download [PDF])
  GAS Portlet User's Guide is meant for people who wants to learn on how to manage the GAS server using a user friendly web interface, that is, the GAS Portlet.

WP6 related documents
  Grid Trust Model for CA Signed Identity Certificates (download [PDF])
  This document provides information to the Grid community regarding trust issues involving reliance on Certificate Authorities and X509 Identity Certificates to authenticate people and services.

WP6 deliverables
 Requirements Document (download [PDF])
  This document is the initial version of design requirements for security workpackage (WP6) in the GridLab project.
 Technical Specification Report (download [PDF])
  Description of initial architecture for the Grid Authorization Service. It contains the general overview of the concept, initial design details for selected components of the system and examples of its application (Scenarios).
 Implementation and Test Plan (download [PDF])
  Description of implementation steps and tests of Grid Authorization Service including overview of the first prototype, development plan, description of the next tests and a general plan of integration with other Workpackages.
 Documented first release of the security infrastructure and related APIs (download [PDF])
  Description of implementation and tests of the first release of the Grid Authorization Service. It contains as well a description of upcoming tests and a general plan of integration with other Workpackages.

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