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WP3: Work-Flow Application Toolkit (TGAT)


The Work-Flow Application Toolkit, based on the Triana package developed originally for gravitational wave (GW) data analysis, will provide a second example application toolkit for GridLab. GW data analysis has a large community of users that will benefit significantly from the developments of this WP. However, the class of applications covered by TGAT is much larger than GW data analysis. Complimenting the CGAT, which is aimed primarily at supporting large scale simulation applications, the TGAT will be developed to exploit Grids for many different work-flow applications, through extensions to the Triana data-flow programming environment.


More information and downloads are available at: 


Title Description
Triana Metadata Specification   This document specifies Triana metadata at different levels within Triana. (Older version: Version 1.0 of this document, pdf file)
Triana Workflow Specification Specifies the workflow system to be used within Triana.
Grid Aware Triana Prototype Outlines the main features of the first Grid-Aware working Triana prototype.
Triana Release Outlines the open source release of Triana. Includes the information on features of this release with regards to GridLab project.
Heterogeneous distributed runs Here, we describe the heterogeneous Triana implementation that can work on multiple platforms and use a variety of middleware types in order to distribute sections of  the workflow.
Mobile communication by email This document outlines the mobile communications by email within Triana.

GridLab: Grid Application Toolkit and Testbed is co-funded by the European Commission under the Fifth Framework Programme (IST-2001-32133).
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