monexec — Command-line actuator client


monexec [[-C file] | [--config file]] [[-V] | [--version]] [[-a method] | [--auth method]] [[-h] | [--help]] {[-n control] | [--name control]} [[-p name=value] | [--param name=value]...] [[-t sec] | [--timeout sec]] [[-w layer] | [--wrap layer]...] URL


monexec is a generic command-line actuator client.


[-C file] | [--config file]

Use the specified configuration file instead of @sysconfdir@/libmonp.conf

[-V] | [--version]

Print the version number and exit.

[-a method] | [--auth method]

The authentication method to use. If not specified, the strongest method supported by both the producer and the consumer will be used.

[-h] | [--help]

Print a short help message on parameters and usage.

[-n control] | [--name control]

Specify the control name to be executed. This option is mandatory.

[-p name=value] | [--param name=value]

Specify control parameters. Each occurance of this option adds a parameter to the list.

[-t sec] | [--timeout sec]

Abort if a command does not complete within the specified time. If the value given is not positive, there will be no timeout (this is also the default).

[-w layer] | [--wrap layer]

Use the specified I/O layer.


URL of the monitoring system to connect to.