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Grid(Lab) Grid Application Toolkit

GAT Documentation

Draft C GAT Adaptor Writer's Guide
Draft C GAT Adaptor Writer's Guide v1.0.0 beta(download [PDF])
In order to allow the maximal number of adaptor writers to get started with C GAT adaptor development as soon as is humanly possible, we've decided to release a draft version of the C GAT Adaptor Writer's Guide.

This guide is a document which covers in detail the elements required to write an adaptor for C GAT. It does this through examining each of the parts required for an adaptor then giving a full example of a C GAT adaptor's code.

Java GAT API description (Javadoc)
Java GAT API description for Java GAT 1.6 (Javadoc).

Java GAT Tutorial (pdf)
Java GAT tutorial (pdf).
This API description can be used to find out what the exact syntax of the Java GAT implementation is. For additional information, please use the GAT API specification below.

GAT API Specification
GAT API Specification v1.0.0 beta(download [PDF])
Here we release the v1.0.0 beta version of the GAT API specification. This document describes the GAT API in an object-oriented yet largely language independent manner. This document will be the basis upon which language dependent GAT API specifications are based, each providing a binding of the objects and methods put forth in this document to language specific constructs such as those that appear in C or Java.

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