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Grid(Lab) Grid Application Toolkit

GAT Introduction

The objective of this workpackage is to design and build a Grid Application Toolkit (GAT) and to plug-in to this GAT the services developed in other GridLab workpackages.

GAT is a set of coordinated, generic and flexible APIs for accessing Grid services from e.g. generic application codes, portals, data managements systems, together with working implementations provided by the tools developed in the Grid Lab project (See the figure below). GAT is designed in a modular plug-and-play manner, such that tools developed anywhere can be plugged into GAT.

Below, GAT's place in the GridLab architecture

As shown in the above figure, GAT and the GAT API sit between Grid applications and numerous types of grid middleware. GAT lifts the burden of grid application programmers by providing them with a uniform interface to numerous types of grid middleware. As a result, grid application programmers need only learn a single API, that of GAT, to obtain access to the entire grid.

GridLab: Grid Application Toolkit and Testbed is co-funded by the European Commission under the Fifth Framework Programme (IST-2001-32133).
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